Do You Offer Delivery For Your Safes?

Yes, it is an additional fee. minimum is usually $150. It goes up from there depending on the safe, how far we have to take it, and what we have to do when we get to you.

How Do I Place An Order?

Orders will have to be placed over the phone or in person

Do You Have A Showroom?

We do not have a showroom. We have our workshop where the safes are built. You're welcome to come out and take a look around. Calling ahead is recommended

Do You Move Safes? 

Yes, Sometimes. Depends on the safe, where you're located, and how far it needs to be moved. You'll need to calls us on the phone to get a quote on what it will cost.

Custom Built Safes     Made in the USA

Do You Build Or Sell Vault Doors?

Yes, we sell Fort Knox vault doors.

Give us a call for pricing on the vault doors and delivery/installation.